Payments: I need to know

If you’re thinking that payments is hard to understand, well then, you’re right – it is.

But take a moment to ponder this: the world conducts billions upon billions of dollars in payments transactions every day. There needs to be trust that all of this is going to happen without a hitch. There needs to be trust that all of the records are going to be there, no matter what.

By its very nature payments needs to be convoluted in design to make it hard for the bad guys to penetrate it. But making it hard, obviously makes it complex for the uninitiated.

At threepercent, we can make the journey simpler and easier.

Here’s some additional reading to help you gain some understanding.

  • Choosing a payments provider. How hard can this be, right? Learn more.
  • Navigating payments systems. Surely there cannot be more than a few..? Learn more.
  • Designing for resilience. Because who only want to take payments for “most of the time”? Learn more.
  • Understanding Blockchain. Cryptocurrencies are the way of the future – they’re already here and they’re not all the same. Learn more.
  • Digital Wallets. Leaving the cash behind and holding my money somewhere. Learn more.
  • Micropayments systems. Smaller payment and large volumes can equal large payments and small volumes. Learn more.

Whatever your payments strategy may be, we can offer the right advice and assistance.

We are here to help. 

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