Combat fraud: how we can design better

Once you’ve found the fraud in your business and, hopefully, put a stop to some or all of the fraud, what can you do to combat fraud before it becomes a problem?

There is a widespread recognition amongst industry professionals that fraud is a major issue in payments and that merchants do not have enough ready capability to mitigate that fraud through their own business.

The intelligent design of workflows allows the most efficient methods for consumers to pass through a system while managing them securely. Attenuating those workflows with identification management and device security products leads to an effective start in combatting fraud. Proactive fraud teams with the right tools and training can foresee the threats ahead and are informed about new attack trends and types.

As digital wallets become the norm, consumers on the other hand, are expecting frictionless payment experiences, placing an increased pressure on fraud teams and outcomes

At threepercent, we have helped design some of the payments industry’s most secure solutions for handling payments, automating fraud management, and reducing costs and protecting brands and reputations as a result.

We specialise in deliberate workflow techniques, security identification development, payment resilience and transaction integrity management. We work with whole organisations to provide solutions that matter.

Designing self-sufficient solutions for fraud management requires specialised experience.

We are here to help. 

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