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Description Date
Report: EDC 11th Advanced Payments Report July 2017 Download
Report: PPRO Payments and eCommerce Report June 2017 Download
Report: The Rise of Digital Identities June 2017 Download
Report: Mobile Payments and Fraud 2017 Report June 2017 Download
Report: Loyalty Fraud in Retail eCommerce June 2017 Download
Report: Client-Side Security in PSD2 – Guide to Compliance May 2017 Download
Report: Better Than Cash Alliance China Report April 2017 Download
Report: The Future of Fintech in Asia March 2017 Download
Report: PPRO’s Payments and eCommerce Report Western Europe 2016 Sep 2016 Download
Report: Worldpay Fraud Trends 2016 July 2016 Download
Report: PPRO eCommerce: Acheiving Success in International Markets April 2015 Download

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