Bitcoin price soars past $2000

Bitcoin was trading at around $1,700 per coin until it surpassed the high of $2,000 per coin this week.

Obviously, the surge has gained interest from various media outlets around, still unconvinced that Bitcoin is nothing more short of a fad currency.

However, reports indicate that the rival cryptocurrency, Ethereum, has been rising significantly as well, starting the year at $8.24 on 1 January 2017 to hitting a high of $203 throughout the year so far.

Brave’s 30-second ICO


Founded by former Mozilla CEO (of Firefox browser fame), Brave browser is the new offering by Brendan Eich.

Brave completed its initial coin offering (ICO) during this week in which the company sold its own coin, The Basic Attention Token (BAT), and raised $35M in less than 30 seconds.

The Brave ICO is the “highest grossing to date,” including participation from about 130 buyers, with one buyer spending $4.6M on BAT.

Venture Capital industry leaders specialising in blockchain and payments technologies believe that ICOs will become common place for the raising of funds in the next 18 months as a quick way of self-subscribing for growth. Until Blockchain technology becomes more widely accepted and markets become familiar with the concept, there remains a lot of scepticism and careful watching from the sidelines.

The right teams perform miracles

A large team may not quit on you but they will disengage easily.

Small teams of talented people create greater things than large teams of cumbersome low quality engineers.

Provide an environment that removes barriers.

Provide the best tools and don’t skimp on the little things.

Responsibility beats policy. Make everyone an owner.

Design and architect autocratically and with purpose – develop and deliver democratically.