Great design translates to dollars

Many years ago my team and I introduced simple one-function page checkouts to one of our largest customers.

The UX/UI team for that customer complained because there were now 5 pages to complete in a transaction.

The marketing team for that customer complained because fancy UI-style accordians and carousels would not be implemented.

And the sales team complained because all of the upselling components were removed as well.

However, the one person that mattered in the customer group was the person who owned the revenue line and the outcome. He mattered.

But the person who mattered the most was the actual customer.

After perservering, we implemented. Sales quadrupled and Net Promoter Scores (NPS) increased significantly – in fact, just short of Apple’s NPS scores. And for our customer, this was the only positive NPS score in their whole organisation!

Great design matters. Especially when it comes to payments, and especially when it comes to fraud. If you can’t detect it properly because it’s buried in marketing and misdirection, then you capture it and stop it.

Here is a great read on more reasons to consider form design in payments and forms in general.

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